Saturday, April 23, 2011

Optimism...maybe a fools folly

2010 turned out OK...not great. OK.

Nursery is driven by construction. There isn't much. So...

I did have a really bad event. I was doing business with Snowden Inc in Escanaba MI and he has not paid me in full for plant material he received for a job he did in Wausau WI.

He is pointing to the fact that the state of Wisconsin DOT is stringing him out to pay him. That's not my problem. I did business with HIM, not the state.

I mention this because a reader of this forum should know that this kind of thing happens, in particular on state jobs. Get your money up front.

I had no information on the terms and conditions of his deal with the state and wasn't interested because it wasn't my business. It has become one now. I will pursue all legal avenues to collect all money due.

I am irritated with policies like the DOT has where they have taken no stand in this. They don't seem to care that a sub to Snowden has been ripped off.

IF you are a contractor or a nurseryman be very wary of dealings with state agencies. Almost every one of them I have been involved in have been painful and in the end not profitable.

I had one with the sanitary district of Milwaukee. It cost me money.

But, for 2011 I have already planted 5000 plants, native, to sell this summer and fall.

If you want a list...I'll send one to you as an excel format.

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