Saturday, January 16, 2010

A review of 2009 and a look forward to 2010 markets and production

It's the 15th of January.  Snow on the ground. Not much going on.  Staying warm and getting some odds and ends done.  It's been a while since I  posted to this blog.  Time to bring you up to date.  I'll do it by category.
2009...Started out pretty well.  Went quiet.  Some native plantings.  Some roadside contracts.  But very limited.  But enough to work out. Almost Zero commercial or residential construction to support. 
We did OK.  Bare Root worked out OK.  Fall sales were good, but all last minute work.
Now we are into a new year.
Everyone at the beginning of 2009 hoped that the year would turn out OK.  It did, kind of.  BUT.  Now flat is the new up in Nursery.  So just being equal with former years is growth. 
The hope that 2010 will be fabulous is limited. 
What we need to recognize is that no one is stocking anything.  Don't expect to sell semi loads of stuff into a market that needs nothing, can buy all they need for any amount they want and have no desire to take a risk.
The only real business is governmental.  Obama Money.
So, be careful.  There is no real growth anticipated.  But there is "good" news.  Fewer landscapers because of so many bankruptcies and fewer Nurseries because so many have given up, means that the pie is bigger with fewer slices.
If you can survive till 2015 you will be OK.  This is going to be a long process. 

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