Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sometimes Bad News is just BAD...that's why they call it BAD

The other day I was traveling to a nursery.  Driving thru the country I saw the corn dwarfed and drying out.  I know enough about agriculture to tell you, this isn't going to be good.

I also saw a lot of dead trees, in the landscape, in the nursery.  Drought had taken them. 

There are a large number of dead trees in the landscape.  Anything planted in the last 3 years that is not well rooted in is dying.  The heat and drought is taking a huge toll.  Add to that the devastation of the Emerald Ash Borer and we have a denuded landscape in many places.

This is causing many to say, what does this mean.  Some try to put a happy face on all this and claim that it means we are about to see a huge increase in sales because of replacement.  The question is by who?  I live near a commercial complex well planted with now dead trees in the landscape.  Mostly ash.  They were mature.  They will be cut down.  Will they be replanted?  I don't know.

The problem is, who is going to pay for this?  The landlord of the property? 

The street trees dead up and down our streets will be very expensive to replace.  The municipalities don't have the money its going to take to replace them right now.  This problem isn't going away easily. 

I am not sanguine about this.  We don't have a good market, money is short, governments are pinched and like a hurricane, much has been destroyed by the heat and drought. 

Sometimes bad news is just bad.

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